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Just Travel To Protect Your Health

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This article by Steve Larson will show why just traveling protects your Health. A recent national survey shows fewer Americans are using their vacation days. One-third of employees leave four out of fourteen vacation days unused. Workers cite planning, heavy workloads, and a preference for cash instead of vacation days as reasons to stay on the job. Over 2300 respondents were interviewed.

Just Travel

Some respondents said they preferred cash over vacation days. Others said they were too busy to take a vacation.

Sixty-five percent of respondents stated problems coping with work-related stress before, during, and after time off. According to Dr. Teresa Kramer of UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute in Little Rock, Arkansas, I properly planned vacations lower stress levels.

Everyday life and work expose people to stress. Bodies react with the natural fight or flight response.

The result? Elevated blood pressuredecreased appetitedecreased sexual urges, and an inhibited

immune system. What better reason to Just travel for the Health of it?

Thirty-six percent of survey respondents reported feeling better about work and experiencing increased productivity after taking a vacation. More than half of those taking the survey reported feeling more connected with family after being on a Family Adventure.

Dr. Kramer notes that people in the United States tend to forget mini-vacations. Short 3 to 4-day getaways can be ideal stress busters and relationship renewers. Taking mini-vacations allows you to avoid the stress involved in planning long vacations. Kramer suggests taking mini-vacations throughout the year. Many DreamTrips are targeted for weekend getaways.

Several statistics illustrate the healthy benefits of taking a vacation. An annual holiday can cut the

risk of heart disease in men by 30% and in women by 50%. A well-executed Travel Solution is just what the doctor ordered.

Men are more likely than women to cancel or postpone vacation trips due to work, even though men get more vacation days than women.

What gets in the way of vacation?

Taking the time to plan a vacation and organizing all the details get in the way. 14% of workers say the need for advanced scheduling and planning is too much trouble. 11% of workers state they’re too busy. 10% would rather see the money added to their paychecks than take the time away from their desks.

Those who do take a vacation may not be getting away from it all. 23% of workers check their

voicemail while on vacation. Many packs, along with laptops and PDAs, just in case. How can you make the

most of a mini-vacation? Leave the computer behind. Just travel within the state and avoid the need to make

flight reservations or deal with airlines, and vacation at a hotel, resort, or cabin.

“You don’t have to take a nature vacation. Ballgames, museums, and other activities help increase

creativity. You can see the world from a different perspective,” says Steve.

Check vacation destinations within a short driving distance. Many hotels and resorts offer weekend,

all-inclusive specials. Three-day, two-night specials are available for several Branson, Missouri hotels and

resorts. The package deals include lodging, meals, and tickets to one of the popular shows.

Ignoring vacation time can be hazardous to your Health. A mini-vacation can reduce stress, rejuvenate your creativity and strengthen relationship ties. Grab the calendar, pencil in several mini-vacations throughout the year, and plan to feel better.

Takeaways from the article:

  • 23% of American employees check their voicemail while on vacation
  •  Men are more likely to cancel or postpone vacation plans even though they get more vacation days.
  • An annual holiday can cut the risk of heart disease in women by 50%.
  • Ignoring Vacation time can be hazardous to your Health
  • Having to take the time to plan a vacation can get in the way

The best Travel Solution would be to eliminate all the hassles, Right?

No worries, hassle-free, best travel solution for personal getaways and our family adventures.

Just Travel, Just Travel, Just Travel

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