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Where to buy the best value top quality sports prescription sunglasses for mountain biking with wrap-around styling to protect eyes from dust, mud, and wind.

Mountain bikers who wear glasses for vision correction have two choices regarding sports sunglasses; either wear contact lenses with an ordinary pair of sunglasses or invest in a couple of prescription sports sunglasses.

Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

Sports cycling prescription sunglasses come in two main types: an insert known as a clip-in lens which clips to the inside of the frame at the nose-piece, or an in-frame prescription lens, where the entire lens has corrective power or just the central portion.

The problem with wrap-around styles of sunglasses is that it is far more costly to produce a curved lens with full corrective power, which is why many branded prescription lenses from companies like Oakley or Rudy Project only offer corrective force in the center of the lens; the result is a loss of periphery vision when looking sideways. The best option is to buy sports prescription sunglasses with full corrective power over the entire surface of the lens.

Prescription Designer Sunglasses with Mirror Lenses

Many mountain bikers prefer designer-style sunglasses with mirror lenses which look super cool on the bike, but if you need prescription lenses, adding a mirror finish increases production costs even more, not to mention a complicated eye prescription that may need to allow for astigmatism or a higher power level outside the standard prescription range offered by Oakley, which, for example, is between +2.0 and -3.0.

However, it is possible to get cool wrap-around styling with a fully built-in prescription lens, both polarized and mirror finish, for much less than the +$400 price tag charged by many top brands.


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Cheap Sports Sunglasses with Prescription Lenses

The way to find cheap sports sunglasses with prescription lenses is to buy directly from an optical laboratory that offers personalized service and international delivery. Most optical laboratories have a range of sports sunglasses, including wrap-around styles for cycling with UV anti-scratch and anti-mist lenses as standard and frames made from “virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.” Bifocal and varifocal options are also available.

Customers are asked to purchase online to avoid confusion over ordering the correct prescription and then called personally to give prescription details. Alternatively, customers can ring the company directly or send an e-mail if they are unsure whether a particular lens is the right one.

Either way, buyers have access to a comprehensive array of styles and lenses and the assurance that their exact prescription can be built into the best prescription sports sunglasses available at a far lower price than buying from an optician.

Buy Wrap-Around Prescription Sunglasses for Cycling Online

If you want to buy wrap-around prescription sunglasses for mountain biking or road cycling, look for great value, stylish sunglasses that are high quality and built to last. After all, why pay more for a branded pair when you can get the same look for less?

If you’re a brand junkie, read about the best prescription sunglasses for cycling before making a purchase. If you don’t need sunglasses for vision correction, an ordinary pair of sports sunglasses for cycling will be fine, either a unisex pair or a great value pair of cycling sunglasses for men.

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